Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Does the Print Edition of "Fairytale Interrupted" Have Photos?

Before I begin, I'd like to state that I still stand behind my review of "Fairytale Interrupted," by Rosemarie Terenzio, and I'd still recommend it to anyone looking for a good memoir.

Since I posted my review I've had more than a few e-mails from readers asking about whether or not the e-book version of "Fairytale" has photos. Most bios, memoirs, and auto-bios, do have photos, even the e-book versions. In the past year, I've read one about Julia and Paul Child, which included tons of photos. I've read one about Merv Griffin, with quite a few photos. Even the Steve Jobs bio had tons of photos. In some e-books the photos are inserted into the book and you see them as you read. In others there's a separate section; just like print books. So I know it's done the same way with e-books as it's done with print books.

However, I only saw a few photos in the e-book version of "Fairytale." To be honest, I enjoyed the book so much I didn't even realize this until after I'd read the book. I was too busy with the content to notice. And then I left my reviews and people started to e-mail me about this. I went back and saw that there wasn't a separate section for photos like most e-books. From what I recall, there were a few photos. But not a collection.

My first thought was that Ms. Terenzio either didn't have any photos...I'm bad that way; I have very few photos; I hate to take them, and I can't be bothered...or Ms. Terenzio didn't want to release her personal photos. In many ways, I still get the feeling that she was protecting John Kennedy, just as she did while he was alive, while she was writing this book. Of course since the theme of the book was all about Ms. Terenzio's dedication/loyalty to John Kennedy and George, it made the book even more endearing to me...and tasteful.

But I know a lot of readers want those photos. I'll admit that I like going through them in non-fiction books, too. It was fascinating to see the way Steve Jobs looked as a young man and as an older man. So if anyone has a copy of the print book of "Fairytale Interrupted" out there, please comment and let us know if there are, indeed, photos included in the print version. I'm not the only one who is curious. Or just e-mail me privately and let me know.

I would hate to discover the print version of "Fairytale Interrupted" has a huge section of photos and the e-book doesn't. This would be a huge #publisherfail, and publishers aren't doing a great job with digital books, from pricing to marketing, as it is.

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