Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathhouse Blog: Ad Allegedly Being Censored?

This is interesting to me because I face censorship all the time. It's mostly in small ways, and from those who are way to PC. But it's still censorship, even if their hearts are in the right places. I've learned to choose my battles with care. Ranting makes you feel better for a short time but doesn't solve anything in the long run.

I'm honestly not exactly certain what this means, with regard to the shirtless guy in the ad. I once owned a small chain of tanning salons, before we knew all there was to know about indoor tanning, and my ads were censored from more than one business establishment. The ads were nothing more than attractive women in bathing suits, standard industry photos you'd find in any drugstore where tanning products are sold. Nothing more than you'd see on any beach in America. But certain business owners...those who claimed they were "family" oriented...thought the women in the photos were too risque. Go figure.

Here's the link to Bathhouse Blog.

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