Sunday, October 9, 2011

Toby Keith on Same Sex Marriage...

When I saw this piece about Toby Keith I figured I'd post about it. I know a lot of LGBTQ people who are country music fans (we don't all listen to disco music and show tunes), and I like a few of Toby's songs myself, especially AS GOOD AS I ONCE WAS. I also like his honesty and that he's not afraid to speak up. And if this video doesn't make you smile, something is wrong.

Here's the link, and part of the article is below.

In an upcoming interview on CMT Insider to be aired on Saturday, Keith says there’s no reason we should be getting involved in people’s personal lives and that banning gays from marrying won’t stop them from living together. Keith believes we are wasting time and money trying to legislate what two consenting adults do together.


mary gresham said...

You know Ryan, for some reason Toby feeling this way does not surprise me as much as it should. Simply because this man is very direct in his beliefs, especially when it comes to our military. He is just that type of person.

ryan field said...

It's nice to hear that, too.