Monday, October 17, 2011

Review for He's Bewitched by Gerry Burnie

I was looking through old blog posts last night and I noticed that I never posted this review for HE'S BEWITCHED. This book has already sold many copies and I haven't promoted it in a long time. But I'm doing it now, and mainly because Gerry Burnie "got" what I was trying to do with this book. And when that happens, I can't tell you how good it makes any author feel.

Here's one quote I love: A campy little story not really intended to be taken seriously, and if read in this context it’s a fun read

I don't believe all fiction should be deep and serious, especially not a m/m romance where readers are looking for something fun and something that will help them escape all their own problems. And if someone is buying an erotic romance I find it almost unethical not to add plenty of sex scenes. Readers are buying the book partly because of the sex scenes, and nothing bothers me more than an erotic romance without enough sex. That's what I tried to do with this book. AMERICAN STAR is another example of a campy, satirical look at the pop culture TV show, American Idol. And if you read People Magazine...or just glance through last week's section about Ashton Kutcher's'll see how absolutely ridiculous pop culture can sometimes be.

Here's a link to the entire review for HE'S BEWITCHED. I'm not going to say anything else because the review says it best.

It’s definitely not a Pulitzer Prize contender, and from that perspective I wasn’t at all disappointed.

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