Friday, October 21, 2011

Author Lauren Myracle Talks About "Shine" and National Book Award

I posted about this on Monday, and wanted to follow up with a link to the author's comments.

The author of "Shine," Lauren Myracle, has written something over at Huff Post, here.

I find what happened to Lauren Myracle and her book, "Shine," disturbing. And it's one of the main reasons why I've never been fond of most book awards in a general sense.

The reason I'm active in the Rainbow Awards is because I know how well they are run, and I know how fair and honest Elisa Rolle is. I've never met anyone as fair or honest as Elisa. And I can tell you for certain something like this never would have happened with the Rainbow Awards.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan, thank you for your trust in me. I indeed contact Lauren as you suggested, but she is probably busy right now. I wish her all the best and if she will read my email, maybe you will have something more to write about the matter...

ryan field said...

Sounds good.