Monday, July 18, 2011

Nostalgia From 2006 About E-books

I remember reading articles just like this five years ago. And five years before that I was at a dinner party with an art director from Random House who lives in Bucks County and he was talking about how e-books would one day become very popular.

And, just for the record, this is when everyone else in publishing was saying e-books would never "take off."

Here's the link to the 2006 article, and the beginning is below.

Digital Books Start A New Chapter
Lighter devices, better displays, and the iPod craze could make them best-sellers

Slide Show >>Richard D. Warren, a 58-year-old lawyer in California, is halfway through Ken Follett's novel Jackdaws. But he doesn't bother carrying around the book itself. Instead, he has a digital version of Follett he reads on his Palm Treo each morning as he commutes by train to San Francisco from his home in Berkeley. He's a big fan of such digital books. Usually, there are around seven titles on his Treo, and he buys at least two new ones each month. "It's just so versatile," he says. "I've tried to convert some friends to this, but they think it's kind of geeky."

Geeky? For now, maybe, but not for much longer. Many experts are convinced that digital books, after plenty of false starts, are finally ready for takeoff. "Every other form of media has gone digital -- music, newspapers, movies," says Joni Evans, a top literary agent who just left the William Morris Agency to start her own company that will focus on books and technology. "We're the only industry that hasn't lived up to the pace of technology. A revolution is around the corner."

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