Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Six Tips Gay Online Cruising; Jane Fonda on Gay Men; Harry Styles on Michael Sam

Six Tips Gay Online Cruising

You know how I'm always talking about playing it safe on Grindr and Craigslist when it comes to hooking up with someone online? Well here's an article that offers a few fairly decent tips about online cruising/meeting (I don't think everyone "cruises" online...some want to meet people, too) that I think will help make you safer. A few are pretty boilerplate. But it's better than nothing. I'll comment below.

Number 4 is meet somewhere in public first:

Not enough guys actually do this one, and we get that it’s a bit harder when it’s 2 a.m. (which isn’t a great idea to begin with), but meeting in public will do more than just give you an “out” if you need one. When you meet in public, it’ll feel very “real.” And that’s a good thing, because it is real.

You'll also get to see whether or not the guy is a lunatic. I don't think mincing my words here is worthwhile.

My big tip is for those who come from more rural areas to larger east coast cities and they think they're going to find the best sex of their lives through online hook ups in a city like Philadelphia. It's not the same living here as it is in Oregon or even in Canada. It's rough. You have to learn how to survive just to walk down some streets in a city like Philadelphia. And that next great sex partner in Philly just might be the guy who robs you blind, or worse, cuts your throat. It's happened before.

You can read the rest here. Number 5 is the best tip I've seen in a while.

Jane Fonda on Gay Men

I think I should state up front this is only a matter of opinion, not fact. Because I've never responded either strongly or timidly to anything Jane Fonda has ever done in her life. Evidently, she seems to think all gay men have responded to her life story, in what seems to me an attempt to classify us all once again into one large group. Sorry for harping on this all the time. But it is what it is and I'm tired of dealing with this kind of thing. At least these people could say "some" gay men. I could live with that.

'When I wrote my memoir, which I assumed was mostly a woman's story that would be appreciated by women, what really struck me is how many men - especially gay men - really responded to it,' Fonda says in the September issue of Out Magazine."

I'm sure some gay men did respond to her. I would imagine there are women and straight men who responded to her as well. I didn't. I wish her well and no hard feelings, so Fonda fans please don't jump on my back for this. And I highly doubt I'm the only gay man who feels this way. If I were to ask my gay Amish friend I'm not even sure he'd know who she is. Maybe we should ask Michael Sam? I wonder if he responded to her life story.

She also said this:

The actress says she and gay men share 'that feeling of, "If I'm not perfect, if I'm not what people want me to be, no one will love me. I don't fit in."'

Nope. At least not for me. And I'm pretty gay. I sure Fonda means well, but I don't see how I could possible ever identify with her. I can understand some of the feelings women experience, living in a culture that is dominated by straight white men.

You can read more here.

Harry Styles on Michael Sam

In a show of support for Michael Sam, Harry Styles of One Direction wore a shirt with Sam's name on it during a concert the other night.

Hopefully One Direction's vibes will bring good luck to #96.

Tonight, 28 August, Sam is playing the last game of the preseason, his final chance to impress coaches. On  30 August, National Football League teams reduce their squads to the maximum 53 players.

This article dated September 1, 2014 says Sam was not picked for the Rams.

The St. Louis Rams have filled their 10-player practice squad, and it does not include defensive end Michael Sam.

Michael Sam is still a hero to so many and I'm sure he'll be chosen by someone, eventually. Would I have liked to have seen him receive special treatment because he's gay? I'm not sure. I wish I could say no. But since no gay man I've ever known has received special treatment I don't think I would be complaining if that had happened. And, it wouldn't have been the first time someone in a minority was elected or chosen because of some special treatment.

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