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Gay NFL PLayers; FREE Gay Excerpt: Second Chance Four

Gay NFL Players

This isn't something too shocking. But it's newsworthy in the sense that straight men are often stereotyped and people don't even realize they are doing it. In other words, big, strong NFL players are supposed to be straight and follow certain stereotypes. Some people expect this, and when they find out that this stereotype is as far off as any other they usually do wind up in shock. Retired football star, Deion Sanders, proves my point in this article.

'He's not the first gay guy in the NFL!' Sanders told Hall. 'He's the first one to come out, let's get that straight. Every team I've played on, there was someone...we always knew. But he was cool. That was our boy. We had to look out for him. Every team I've played on - five different teams - there was someone gay in the locker room.'

My bet would be on more gays in the NFL...or any pro sports team...we didn't know about, and still don't know about. And I don't think in this case the focus should be on the gay man anymore, or at least not totally. I'm starting to think the focus should be more on how we, as a society, stereotype straight men and fit them into a neat little mold they can't break away from.

You can read more here.

FREE Gay Excerpt: Second Chance Four

This Friday I'm putting up a raw excerpt from my newest release, which I'll have out by next week, Second Chance: The Sweetest Apple. As with all of the novellas in the second chance series, this one is 27,000 words. It's also a love story with a romance that doesn't always work out the way it should. And yet in the end, I still want each story to have a happy ending. Remember this is raw...not completely edited for the final e-book. But at this point nothing in the storyline is subject to change.

Here's the blurb:

Thanks to a choice Matty made in the past, he's living the life of his dreams. He and his partner, Archie, own a chain of French restaurants, a mansion in New Orleans, and have more money than they could ever spend. As one of the most respected gay power couples in the country, they're a team that can't be beaten on the surface.

But deep down they can't even stand being in the same room together. It's reached a point that's so bad they live separate lives under the same roof for the sake of appearances. If they ever decided to split up it could ruin everything they've worked so hard to build.

Then one night while Matty is out sneaking around on his own discreetly, the unthinkable happens and he winds up in the last place he ever thought he would. There he's reminded of the one true part of his life he's been trying to forget for years, and then given the opportunity to change the outcome of his life one last time.

In this fourth installment of the Second Chance series, The Sweetest Apple, there are no guarantees and Matty could wind up reliving a loveless life and repeating the same mistakes all over again. It could also take a different turn, and this time Matty could alter his course. But will he know enough to take advantage of this before it's too late?    

This is from Chapter One:

If Matty Allan lived to be one hundred years old he would never get used to the stifling summertime heat in New Orleans. When he moved there twenty years earlier fresh out of culinary school to work in a brand new restaurant, he thought he’d get used to it. All these years later, from at least May until October, he still found himself walking around the house wearing nothing at all, or a flimsy pair of the sheerest cotton underwear he owned.

Matty’s partner of twenty years, Archie Bartholomew, often frowned in Matty’s direction on hot days. Sometimes he even shook his head and made a face that resembled a cross between a cringe and a foul taste. Archie and Matty now owned a chain of exclusive French restaurants and Archie took pride in his image and the image associated with all that he’d worked so hard to build. The restaurant chain, La Bon Auberge, had been featured globally in the best cookery publications. They’d won culinary awards, had been featured on television nationwide, and had published over one dozen French cookbooks. Celebrities, politicians, and the most privileged had been seen dining at La Bon Auberge, from Los Angeles to Washington, D. C., which created such a demand the waiting list for reservations in any given city was over two months long. And when Archie’s partner walked around naked or in sweat stained underwear around the house Archie often left snide remarks or impudent suggestions about the difference between what he thought of as crude and proper behavior for people who had obtained a certain position in life.

On one hot Monday morning in August, Matty loped into the kitchen wearing nothing but a sheer cotton cloth around his waist. The cloth rode so low along his lower abdomen traces of his pubic hair appeared right above the bulge between his legs. Archie was sitting at the kitchen table sipping tea in his crisp white polo shirt and light blue cotton shorts. He took one look at the way Matty looked and said, “The lawn man is here today. Maybe you should at least put on a robe.”

Matty reached for a packet of coffee above the expensive coffee maker he still couldn’t figure out and rolled his eyes. He didn’t feel like arguing with Archie that morning. It was too hot. Even though the big old mansion had central air-conditioning, the units were all installed in the attic above the third floor and the kitchen and most of the first floor remained the hottest rooms in the house. Those old homes had not been designed for central air-conditioning, but whenever Matty suggested they put small window units in the downstairs rooms Archie would make a face and tell him, “That would look terrible,” in a dismissive tone.

Archie took another sip of tea and said, “The lawn man might see you walking around that way through the window and wonder. You know how people talk.”

While the coffee started to drip into Matty’s mug, he reached for a bottle of vodka he kept on a shelf next to the coffee packets and said, “I’m sure the lawn man will live. Besides, it’s not the first time he’s seen me naked. Last week I went swimming naked in the pool while he was trimming the boxwoods. He didn’t care. I think he likes seeing me naked.” He’d caught the lawn man watching him swim naked in the pool. The guy had been jacking off in the bushes. He knew this would make Archie’s face turn red.

Archie glared at the bottle of vodka and made another face. “Isn’t it a little early for that?”

Matty turned to face him, lifted the bottle, and twirled it around a few times. “It’s never too early, baby, especially not here in happy house.” Then, in a move he knew would really make Archie turn red, he set the bottle down, yanked off the towel, and scratched his crotch in such a vulgar, obnoxious way even he felt a little trashy doing it.

He was also standing in front of the kitchen window, and the lawn guy was right outside the window trimming a juniper into a cone shape. Matty made no attempt to cover his private parts or move away from the window. The lawn guy just stood there with a set of manual sheers gaping at him. Matty didn’t mind the attention from another man. Besides, Archie never looked at him that way anymore. Although Matty was forty-two, he still had the body of a young man. He spent four days a week working out at the gym, he ate less as each year passed, and he knew he could still get as much attention as he wanted when he was naked. But more than that, he knew aggressive men loved him. He’d known this all his life.

Archie stood up, carried his cup and saucer to the sink, and turned the water on so he could rinse them before he put them into the dishwasher. This act of anal retention set Matty’s nerves on edge and he felt like slamming the dishwasher door shut on Archie’s hand. These little things that had only bothered him slightly in the past had turned into silent urges of violence Matty fought to control. But more than that, the satisfaction he would have received if he’d really slammed the nasty fucker’s hand was almost too magical to describe.

It didn’t take long for Archie to notice the lawn man outside the kitchen window. It took even less time for the lawn man to see Archie. The lawn man’s eyes opened wide and he turned fast so he could work on another part of the property.

Matty took the mug with two thirds of coffee and poured in one third of vodka to top it off. As he crossed to the kitchen table he laughed and said, “See what you did. You scared that poor man away. You’re no fun at all. You could have watched him fuck me.”

“You disgust me,” Archie said, turning away from him.

Matty swallowed a large gulp of coffee, and then laughed. He was sitting on the thick glass kitchen table now, leaning back on one elbow, with his flaccid penis resting across the upper part of his right thigh. “Why whatever did I do to disgust you so? I’m sorry if I’m not as perfect as you’d like me to be.”

“You’re a whore,” Archie said, in a deadpan tone. “Just a low rent common whore and you belong in the gutter.”

Matty grabbed his dick and said, “Compliments won’t get you anywhere, handsome. You know what I want.” He spread his legs and his hand went down his crotch. When his middle finger reached his anus, he lifted on leg higher and said, “Fuck me, right here on the table. I dare you.”

“You were trash when I met you, you’re trash now, and you’ll be nothing but trash for the rest of your life,” Archie said. “I wouldn’t come near you for all the money in the world.”

“And we all know how much you care about money.” Matty was only goading him. He knew Archie wouldn’t fuck him on the kitchen table, or anywhere else in the house. They’d stopped fucking a long time ago and Archie either didn’t have sex at all anymore or he’d found a discreet way to find pleasure no one knew about.

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