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MensUnderWearStore.Com; New Hope Mayor No Gay Marriage; 2004 Marriage License Legal in NM


I get interesting e-mails all the time from companies all over the world. Some I even like posting about with permission from the companies that send these e-mails. In this case I'm talking about, where they carry a line of underwear that's different from other places I've seen. The prices are not bad at all, and I own a few pairs myself.

From my inbox:

The team of photo experts recently shot Ryan Bertroche on location in St. Louis, MO. A native of Iowa, Ryan broke a sweat and kept things sizzling with his looks that resemble a young Kurt Russell. In addition to modeling the new Calvin Klein Athletic collection, Ryan also wore items from the Under Denim, Dry Touch and Fresh & Bright collections from Diesel.
 Here are a few of Ryan's tasteful photos:

New Hope Mayor No Gay Marriage
In order to give you a better perspective about what's been going on in New Hope, where I live, located in southeastern, PA where same sex marriage is still illegal in spite of the SCOTUS ruling, here are a few more links, below. For those who don't know, Tony and I owned an art gallery in New Hope for ten years, and we've lived three miles away from downtown New Hope for over eleven years. Before that, we lived two miles from downtown New Hope in a town house community surrounded with gay neighbors. We've been together for twenty-one years and Tony is a lifelong native of Bucks County, PA. We didn't just move here to live near cookie cutter developments because they look nice. We didn't just move here because the schools are good. We live here because of the fact that there is a large LGBT community. What prompted that move happened while we were living in a more mainstream community about eight miles away, where an eight year old boy living next door to us asked his dad, "Why don't we get Christmas decorations like the two fags next door." We decided that neighborhood wasn't for us.  
This one talks about how Mayor Keller is getting "heat."
New Hope has long been known as one of the most gay-friendly towns in the region, a place where rainbow flags flutter in front of boutique shops and the borough council began passing gay-rights resolutions about a decade ago, well before the recent surge nationwide.

This one is from a a web site called American Family Focus on PA Issues. They are applauding the Mayor of New Hope for refusing to marry gay couples in spite of what most legal experts claim are limited risks to him and to the town of New Hope.

Mayor Keller said that as an elected officials it was his duty to uphold the law. The AFA of PA applauds Mayor Keller’s decision to uphold the law. Even the Borough Council of State College advised their mayor, who had previously said she would perform same-sex “marriages, not to break the law.

As a side note, I don't think Mayor Keller is actually taking sides on the issue, or that he's in any way associated with American Family Focus on PA Issues. As far as I know, and from what I've read, Mayor Keller supports gay marriage. He just isn't willing to take the legal risks that may or may not be involved with marrying gay couples illegally. But I don't think he gets points for just being for gay marriage, not as a community leader, an elected official, and someone the rest of us all look to for guidance and support. The bright, outspoken woman running against Keller this fall claims she will marry gay couples in spite of any risks involved.

2004 Marriage License Legal in NM

Unlike New Hope, PA, where I live, there have been interesting steps taken this week with regard to same sex marriage. Unlike New Hope, where the mayor of a large LGBT population has decided not to marry gay couples because he's unwilling to take the legal risks involved and is more focused on what may or may not happen if he does, the Attorney Gen. in New Mexico claims that same sex marriage licenses issued in 2004 will remain valid and legal for now.The term he used was "presumptively valid."

King delivered the non-binding advice in a letter to the current Sandoval County clerk, who found that some of the 2004 licenses recorded in the clerk’s office were labeled as void or invalid.

King said a county clerk is responsible for issuing marriage licenses but “New Mexico law plainly does not provide county clerks with the rights to invalidate marriages.”

There's always a loophole.


Will said...

Thanks for the post! Ryan also modeled the Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief. This picture was taken at the Boxers retail store in downtown St. Louis. Keep up the great work!

ryan field said...

Love the product and I had fun doing this post. I love to keep it like that here :)