Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Next Round of .99 Books on Amazon

My Next Round of .99 Books on Amazon

This is actually a continuation of the back listed titles I've been releasing with Ryan Field Press on Amazon all summer. Without going into detail because I've already posted many times about this, one of the small e-presses I worked with went out of business and I was left with over thirty titles that didn't have a home. So I decided to re-release them all on Amazon as .99 e-books.

Tomorrow I'm posting about another small e-press that recently went out of business. So if you are an author with a small press, think about your future and always have an alternative plan just in case something like this happens to you. I didn't see it coming. But thanks to the fact that I'd already established Ryan Field Press and I already have several indie novels out, I did have a back up.

Skater Boy (link)

Sir, Yes Sir (link)

The Computer Tutor (link) This one is a novella, about 30,000 words.

Unmentionable: The Men Who Loved on the Titanic (link) Edwardian Historical

Jolly Roger (link) Originally pubbed in an anthology by Alyson Publications ten years ago.

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