Friday, August 16, 2013

Release Day: Silicon Valley Sex Scandal; Thierry Pepin Full Frontal Nudity

Release Day: Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

This book release took a little longer than we'd predicted, but it's finally been released and here's the link to the publisher's web site. I'll post more links as they become available (amazon link)...but the book will be sold in all/most places where people shop for e-books by the end of the weekend.

I was talking with a friend the other day about guiding readers to publisher web sites, and I've stopped doing this because of what I've seen with the reading habits of friends and family. In other words, most of the people I know shop for e-books on Amazon, Kobo, or places like, and I think the reason they do that is because it's the most convenient way for them to shop...especially my mom who is in her seventies and likes things simple. So if you do buy this book and read it, or any of my other books, I hope the place where you did buy them was the best possible place, and most convenient place, for you to shop.

I really had fun writing this book. I love where it's set, in and around Cupertino, CA, a place where I think I could actually live if I didn't live here in New Hope. In fact, I think that entire area of CA is one of my most favorite places in the world. I even love all the vintage Joseph Eichler homes that are now selling for way more than anyone ever expected. I also mention Eichler homes in the book.

Here's the blurb, and I'll post an excerpt over the weekend that hasn't been published anywhere.

 Shannon Winn is known as the world’s most capricious gay billionaire and the owner of the world’s safest, coolest social media web site, When Shannon meets a guy named Terry on his own web site, he considers it fun and games, not looking for a relationship.
And that’s because Shannon already has an open relationship with his personal assistant, Justin. Although they aren’t committed to each other, Shannon’s not looking to meet anyone else for love. This bad boy just wants to fool around with Terry and forget all about him the next day.

It’s unfortunate for Shannon that Terry doesn’t realize this, because after their first and only time together Terry not only falls in love with Shannon, he begins to stalk him and imagine them as a couple. In the course of one week, Terry follows Shannon’s every move, showing up unexpectedly and seducing Shannon with great success.

When bad boy Shannon finally realizes the fatal mistakes he’s made with Terry, and he knows for certain he’s really in love with Justin, it just might be too late for them. Will Terry’s crazed infatuation with Shannon ruin Shannon’s chances of true love with Justin? And will delusional Terry finally snap and kill them all?
Thierry Pepin Ful Frontal Nudity
After I posted about the multi-talented male model, Thierry Pepin, last week I did some digging and I found that he's broken the double standard for male full frontal nudity, too. Personally, I think this is a good thing because there is this double standard all the time where we think nothing of full frontal female nudity but always shy away from male full frontal nudity.
I won't post the photos here for copyright reasons, but you can check them out here at this web site, and here's a link to a photo shoot Pepin did that I think is more artistic where he's modeling a line of high end underwear for Undergear. I know most people will think this sounds silly, but when I see models like Thierry Pepin modeling sexy clothing or underwear I always find it more erotic than when I see them completely nude.
Here's what I posted about Pepin earlier this week. I think he would be the perfect cover model for a book, but he's probably way out of my price range. And if I ever saw him in person it would probably be one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless.

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