Saturday, August 20, 2011

Something I'm Not Fond of...

It's no secret I've worked in publishing for the past twenty years. Up until about five or six years ago, I spent more of my time writing under various pen names and submitting work to editors who were working on LGBT anthologies. My first job out of college was with Conde Nast, with a magazine. I've done everything from freelance to edit a full time editor for a small print publication with a wide circulation about astrology. One of my oldest and dearest friends has been a lit agent for over thirty years. In other words, I didn't just pop up out of the blue, the fiction I write isn't a mid-life career change, and you can bet I'll be around for the next twenty years.

But the one thing I never like to see is when authors go after other authors. I've posted about this before, but not for a while. What sparked this post was a blog post I read on another author blog on Friday. The vicious author in question, a straight woman who seems to have popped up out of nowhere in the last five years, once went after me, in public, on her blog and on other blogs, and I didn't even know who she was. Talk about a WTF moment. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I'm used to the professional, friendly publishing industry, pre-Internet, where people support each other instead of ripping each other apart. In fact, this is one of the things I've always loved about publishing. It's a nice, trusting industry to work in compared to other industries.

But the vicious author I'm talking about wrote a scathing blog post about another author on Friday. And she actually admitted that what she does in her spare time is surf the freaking web looking for vicious reviews on goodreads that rip bestselling authors apart. She actually said this...on her blog. Can you imagine someone doing this in her spare time? What a colossal waste. I read it three times just be be sure I wasn't wrong. And not only did this vicious author give an example of what she thought was the bestselling author's bad writing, she added mean comments and sardonic photos to go along with the example. She even mentioned the bestselling author's name on her blog. And when I see things like this, my Sicilian temper starts to rise.

Although it's killing me, I'm not going to link to the offensive blog post and I'm not going to mention the female author's name who wrote the mean, uncalled for post. It's not because I'm afraid of confrontation. I actually look forward to confrontation in some cases. If I did link to the author, I'd only be giving her free publicity and I often think authors like her do things like this just to get free publicity. Besides, it's not really worth the time or the energy. It's actually a little funny. The vicious author I'm talking about went after a bestselling author who has an established fan base. I doubt the bestselling author is worried about it. I didn't bother to approach this vicious author when she made snide comments about me in public. Again, I figured it wasn't worth the time. And why give the idiot free publicity?

But I did do this. I bought a few of the vicious author's books. Like I said, she writes m/m fiction, and from the way she tells it on her blog, she's the only one who's ever written good m/m fiction and the only one who ever will write good m/m fiction. I've seen her say this in public, too. Well, I read the books and they sucked. She's an absolute amateur and it only took the first five pages for me to see it. If I'd seen her work when I was editing, automatic slush pile. She plays upon overly sensitive subjects within the gay community to work on readers emotions, and clearly knows nothing about them from a first hand point of view. On top of that, she's not one of those straight women writing m/m fiction that actually get it right with regard to any of her content. Most straight women writing m/m fiction do get it right, and I've read them and praised them here on this blog. But when they don't get it right, it's downright pitiful.

So for now I'm just going to rant a little here on the blog. Blogging is, indeed, a cathartic process, and I feel so much better now. But this bitch better hope she never runs into me in person (smile).

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