Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Update: Fill Those Bathtubs

It's raining. The wind is blowing. I filled the bathtubs like they said I was supposed to. And I'm waiting for Irene to really start up.

But I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do with these filled bathtubs. I'm not drinking that water. I'm not bathing in it. I'm not cooking with it. And if the power goes out for longer than 24 hours I've already planned to take a quick trip out to Fallingwater in southewester PA, where the hurricane didn't hit.

I've always wanted to go there and never took the time off. I love road trips. So why I filled those tubs is anyone's guess.


Lori Toland said...

Being a Floridian, I know why you fill the bathtub with water. It's to pressure flush your toilet and clean your house if you don't have water.

mary gresham said...

I kinda think the bathtub water is for flushing.

ryan field said...

I never thought of that. Thanks. I've never been without power for more than ten hours.

Vicktor Alexander said...

I'm a Floridian also and I was just about to say the same thing when I saw your comment.

No one drinks that water unless you get REALLY desperate. You use the bottle water to drink and bathe with. Hope you're safe up there.