Friday, August 19, 2011


I hope no one shudders and crosses her legs when they read the title of this post.

It's probably the most G-rated blog post I've ever written. But I can understand how anyone might misinterpret a title like this on a m/m romance blog. So I hope you do take the time to check out the wiki links I've provided. I often say that I think linking too much in blog posts is a lazy way of blogging. It's nothing more than repeating what someone else said and has nothing to do with journalism. But in this case, you need to click the links.

First, I'm not talking about this kind of intercourse. I'm not even talking about this kind of intercourse. I may or may not post about both of these variations of intercourse in the future. But today I'm talking about this kind of Intercourse.

And the main reason I'm posting about Intercourse is because I just started a new book in The Virgin Billionaire series that has a lot to do with Intercourse and everything that surrounds it.

Living in New Hope, Bucks County, PA, I've experienced the wonders of Intercourse many times. I've done Intercourse for lunch, for dinner, and sometimes I've spent the entire day there just lingering. I'd definitely recommend Intercourse to anyone who is interested in doing something different. And I thought it would be fun for Jase and Luis to experience Intercourse for the first time in THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE: AMNESIA.


jimm said...

Next stop is Good n' Plenty?

Kristabel Reed said...

HA! I knew right away what Intercourse you refered to. I've been there many times when I was younger and always loved the countryside. very beautiful with great food!

ryan field said...

There are two other towns I didn't mention: Blue Ball and Bird in Hand.