Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lies of Omission: Who Said There Isn't Enough Emotion in Erotic Romance?

Those who read my blog know I rarely ever review books. But once in a while I do comment about a book I've read, even though it's not a formal review. And the reason why I'm commenting about this book, LIES OF OMISSION, is mainly because I read a comment the other day on a well known romance blog where the person writing the post said she couldn't find enough "emotion" in erotic romance, and then went on to say most of the erotic romances she'd read were not well written.

Well, this dear romance blogger should pick up a copy of LIES OF OMISSION, by Michele L. Montgomery. Because this book is filled with emotion beyond what I expected. And the mc, Trenton, is one of the most emotionally charged characters I've read in a long, long time. I've read other books by Michele before (Tony and Ryan), and I've enjoyed them. But I liked this one in particular because of all the emotion...not to mention the modern romance quality. And, it's very well-written.

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Drew said...

I think we both read the same comment, and on the same romance blog-lol.

Lies of Omission looks good, though. I'll check it out.