Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gay TV Series "After Forever" Season 2 On New Year's Ever 2020, Gay Year In Photos 2019, 10 Explosive Gay Sex Scandals of 2010s; Ryan Field Books

Gay TV Series "After Forever" Season 2 On New Year's Ever 2020

I've posted a few times about how much I love the streaming TV series on Amazon, After Forever. Well season 2 starts tonight, on New Year's Eve. I've seen it trending on social media, but not trending like straight TV shows or movies, so let's spread this around.

A lot of older gay men don't know when these things come out, and unfortunately, a lot still don't stream TV. This might be a good incentive to unplug from cable and learn to stream. Many are missing out on some excellent gay themed content.

This is from the After Forever FB page.

1 DAY MORE ‼️ December 31, 2019 - RING in the NEW YEAR with someone you love and SEASON 2 of AFTER FOREVER the series on #AmazonPrime http://a.co/iVK8H4z

If you don't know anything about After Forever, here's a link to my previous posts.

Gay Year In Photos 2019

Here's one of those typical New Year's Eve posts where they show photos that are LGBT related from 2019.

Pride parties, Halloween costumes, and celebrities: 2019 was a year filled with excitement, celebrations, and a bit of drama.

You can see the photos, here. You'll love July, trust me. 

10 Explosive Gay Sex Scandals of 2010s

This link reflects on some of the most shocking gay sex scandals from the last decade. I think I've posted about all of them here on this web site. 

There are politicians, clergy people, and of course there's that cute little Aaron Schock. They can't get enough of him. 

Then he was busted for misusing funds to redecorate his office to resemble the set of Downton Abbey, buy tickets to Ariana Grande and Katy Perry concerts, and fly a personal male photographer around with him everywhere he went...

Here's the link to this one. Michael Yenni is there, too. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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