Thursday, July 26, 2018

Summer Penis Growth and Hot Weather; Man Without Penis Uses Unknown Sex Object; "Death Row Sissy" Scott Peterson and Radar Online

Summer Penis Growth and Hot Weather

I've wondered about this sometimes. Not often. But it has crossed my mind. Does the penis actually get bigger in the summer? And I can't be the only one who's been wondering.

What is summer penis? So glad you asked. According to a handful of Reddit users, summer penis sets in during warmer months, when rising temps allegedly make their penis appear bigger. Or, as Tracy Moore put it in a MEL Magazine article that brought all of this to everyone's attention in the first place, it's "an elusive phenomenon that answers to the sway of the seasons. No barbell can boost it; no foodstuff can fill it. Summer penis is a temporary dick fluctuation that, thanks to the heat and warmth, gives you a months-long leg-up on shaft size."

There's a lot more, here. It's a very informative piece, and they consulted with a doctor from the Mayo Clinic. 

If I find more on this, I'll post about it.

Man Without Penis Uses Unknown Sex Object

I have to admit I don't totally understand this one.

A MAN with no penis used an "unknown object" to have sex with two girlfriends - who had no idea he was missing his manhood.

We're not talking about one night stands. These people were in relationships. 

Ms Cockburn said: "The accused was in a relationship with one of the women between May 2013 and January 2016 and they first had sex in May 2013.

It's very bizarre. Here's the rest. I can't tell you much about anything in life, but I can be certain of one thing as far as I'm personally concerned. If I haven't seen his penis by the second date, we're heading directly into the friendzone. Plain and simple. No questions about it. 

"Death Row Sissy" Scott Peterson and Radar Online

Here's another one of those "it's hard to believe this kind of thing is still happening" pieces.

Radar Online is back at it again, publishing more outrageously homophobic and salacious “reports” about celebrities and other public figures. This time it’s concerning convicted killer Scott Peterson.

You can read about this, here. I'd rather not go into detail about it.

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