Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming Out of the Closet Once Again

I'm coming out again, but this time is has nothing to do with being gay. This time I'm talking about a pen name I've used several times over the years.

In the anthology, LASTING LUST, I edited last year I included one of my own short stories and I used a pen name. The title of the story is "Back in the Day," and the pen name I used is "R. Wilde." I did this because the story is slightly different than others I've written with my real name, and I wanted it to stand alone.

But I've been getting e-mails since the book was released about this, so I've decided to admit it once and for all (smile). After all, it's not like I'm admitting all my pen names.


Rebecca Leigh said...

I understand the need for pen names. Everything you write is completely amazing, Ryan/R. Wilde/whoever else you are!

Thank you for sharing!!

Back in the Day is just as fabulous as your other stories!!

Leigh M. Lane said...

I find pen names fascinating. What ultimately makes the decision, in your works, as to which name you decide to write under?

I had thought about using a pen name when I first got published, but it just didn't feel right. There was so much that I wasn't sure I could keep straight. Moreover, should pen names have their own biographies? Should they have any affiliations with their "real name" authors? Does there ever come a time when one regrets using a pen name (or not using one)?

This is an interesting subject, and I appreciate your thoughts on it.

ryan field said...

Thanks Rebecca :)) this case, with Lasting Lust, I didn't want to compete with the other authors. The people who submitted stories were very good.

The only other time I'll use a pen name is when switching genres, which I've done a few times.