Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Release Day...TAKE ME ALWAYS...

Today's the release day for my novel TAKE ME ALWAYS. It's a love story with a happy ending, about two gay men. But the interesting thing I found while I was writing it was that things were so different not too long ago. It's not a paranormal or a time travel book. It's a simple romance. But the book does travel back and forth, between the l950's and the present, showing what life was like for gay men then as compared to now. The love was still there in the 50's, but the quality of life was very different for two men who wanted to share their lives.

Kadin Mahoney is ten years older than his lifelong partner, Gregory. But when Gregory is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and winds up in a nursing home, Kadin decides to move there with him in spite of the fact that Gregory doesn't even recognize him. His three children aren't happy about this and his friends think he's crazy. But Gregory is the love of Kadin's life, and he's not going to let him slip away without a struggle.

So he conceives a plan to help him remember their passionate, sexy past. With the help of a notebook computer and a personal blog, he begins telling him the story of two good-looking young men who fell in love with each other during the l950's in Savannah. One is a recent college graduate, and the other is a thirty-year-old lawyer and divorced father of three. They meet by accident at the movies the day Kadin's divorce is finalized, and wind up spending a full summer together engaged in every act of true love that is humanly possible.

But it all comes to an abrupt halt in mid-August, when Gregory's family begins to suspect his forbidden feelings for Kadin. They drag him back to Atlanta early, where he enlists in the army to get even. Five years later, Kadin has moved on with his life and Gregory is engaged to be married. But Gregory sees Kadin on TV, and he goes back to Savannah one more time before the wedding. He only wants to find out what happened to Kadin, but the moment he arrives his clothes come off and their lives are never the same again.

This is a story with a happy ending. It's about true love between two strong, passionate men that survives all the odds society and family have placed upon them. They do it with restrained dignity in public, but in private they share unbelievable, monogamous sex that leaves them both satisfied for the rest of their lives.


ÅŽG€£ ©. said...

Wow you wrote a period piece...or something close to it. Stories like these take me away from the fantasy world I so love and add straight up realisim. I am defintely going to read this ryan! Sorry I havent posted lately, been soo busy.

Wishing the best,

ryan field said...

I understand Angel. I've been so busy myself it's like I never get out anymore.

Ryan said...

omg i love it and the name kadin so special 2 me. tomorrow look for a special post on my blog for your book. thanks ryan for being like a big brother 2 me. u know u have all the respect in the world from me. i think its so cool u kinda seen me grow up on blogger and thanks for all you have done for me and my blog.
much love!

ryan field said...

Thanks, Ryan, for letting me watch you.

erotictoys said...

All hands down Mr. Ryan, sounds a winner. I like old and new piece together, it reminds me of good times with my partner where we talk a lot about our beautiful memories. I know I have something to read this weekend, gotta get this one. Best wishes to you Mr. Ryan.

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ryan field said...

Thanks...I researched a lot of the book with friends of mine who have been together as a couple for over forty years.