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Town Approves Then Cancels Pride Because of Children; The Scandalous Malaysia Gay Sex Video; Hetero People Who Find Gay Sex Distasteful; Ryan Field Books

Town Approves Then Cancels Pride Because of Children

This is the kind of story that always leaves me wondering just how stupid some people can be. Fact: kids know if they are gay or not at an early age. Nothing has to influence them either. I knew at 3 years old, and I never saw a gay pride event as a child. You can't choose whether or not you want to be gay and no one can influence you. You're either born gay or you're not. Or for that matter, anything that falls under the LGBTQ umbrella.

With that said, we're still seeing things like this happen.

The Russian town of Strezhevoy agreed to hold a gay pride parade, then withdrew the invitation days later out of concern that children might see the event, The Independent reports.

You can check the rest out, here. This is all part of that ridiculous Russian LGBTQ propaganda law.

The Scandalous Malaysia Gay Sex Video

This story about a gay sex video in Malaysia involving a few people in government has been going around, and now they've just arrested two more suspects.

Malaysian police have arrested another two suspects in connection with a gay sex video implicating a minister, said national police chief Abdul Hamid Bador.

Here's the link. It's filled with the kind of political intrigue that sounds more like fiction than real life. Pay attention, Netflix. 

Hetero People Who Find Gay Sex Distasteful

Believe it or not, there are actually straight people out there who will accept gay people, but they find gay sex distasteful. Of course I've known this ever since I read my first nasty book review years ago where the reader didn't like a few of the more explicit gay sex scenes in the book. But more than that, I've also found that some straight people don't want to see any signs of affection between gay people. Two men dancing slowly together, or just holding hands, will totally freak them out. 

So here's an article that examines this more closely. 

To a certain hetero mindset, there are two distinct groups – cultural gays (acceptable), and sexual gays (unacceptable!)

Here's the link. The very last line of this article is riveting. At least it is for me. 

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