Monday, July 22, 2019

Reddit Discussion About First LGBT Movie Watched; Closeted UK Footballer Names Date He'll Come Out; Ryan Field Books

Reddit Discussion About First LGBT Movie Watched

Here's another one of those Reddit threads where people discuss the first LGBT movie they ever saw. We've been watching gay movies since the 90s and I'm not even sure I can remember the first one I ever saw. The first one I saw in a movie theater (not just on video) was probably Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Which of course I loved. For the first time in my life I got to see a gay movie, in a real movie theater, that wasn't heteronormative. If you're gay, that's big.

“I still clearly remember watching my first gay movie. It was Taekwondo, directed by Marco Berger. I downloaded it online without telling anyone and watched it on my computer alone in my room one night. This was at the point when I was finally starting to admit to myself that I was gay."

Here's the rest. It's an interesting thread. 

Closeted UK Footballer Names Date He'll Come Out

I have to admit this is a genius marketing gimmick this guy is using. Normally I don't even care about these things but even I'm linking to it. 

Earlier this month, the user tallied more than tens of thousands followers within days of tweeting his intention to come out.

Here's the link to more. The date he set is July 24. 

There is a good deal more to his story and this is a very good read. I highly suggest checking it out. He will be the first player to come out in the last 29 years. And we all know there have to be more gay footballers in the UK. That's just a given. 

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