Friday, January 4, 2019

Britany Spears Cancels Vegas Residency; Photographer Bruce Weber and Sexual Harassment Acuser; Amazon Settles lawsuit with Trans Woman

Britany Spears Cancels Vegas Residency

This has a lot of people stunned.

Britany Spears announced via Instagram that she was cancelling her Las Vegas residency. I've heard wonderful things about the show.

She's claiming it's because of her father's health, which I totally understand. My mom and dad were both in failing health from 2014 until 2016, and they needed care, and that care had to be managed. People don't realize how life altering caring for aging parents can be. It totally changes your life.

Ticket holders will be able to get refunds.

Here's a link to more. 

Photographer Bruce Weber and Sexual Harassment Acuser

This has been stirring up attention lately.

Bruce Weber has been accused of sexual harassment by a male model, and he's not taking this sitting down. Weber claims the male model is exploiting the #MeTwo movement for monetary gain.

There's a good deal more here at this link.  It's hard to speculate on anything these days.

I hope there's a follow up to this one.

Amazon Settles Lawsuit with Trans Woman

I know I posted about this before.

A trans woman and her husband sued Amazon with claims of workplace discrimination, and they recently settled.

The couple both worked for Amazon and they claim they suffered all kinds of abuse. They even claim, according to a mechanic, the brakes in their car had been tampered with.

Amazon denies everything, and as you would expect in cases like this, there are no details about the settlement.

Here's a link for this one. 

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