Thursday, January 10, 2019

14 Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes; HBO Shows Are Normalizing Male Full Frontal Nudity; Chris Pratt's Smoking Hot Dad Bod

14 Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes

This article is fairly new on the topic of male full frontal nudity in films or TV.

It talks about how it's still rare to see male full frontal nudity in films, and then goes on to list 14 actual male full frontal nude scenes. There aren't that many.

They're actually interesting. One talks about how Mark Wahlberg had to get fitted for a prosthetic penis for the movie, Boogie Nights.

Here's a link.

HBO Shows Are Normalizing Male Full Frontal Nudity

Even though It sounds like a clickbait topic, there's a lot more to male full frontal nudity, especially when you find articles like this one.

This link is short, but it's actually true about HBO from what I've seen. I hope they continue, too. It's still so rare...if not see male full frontal nudity in films that just the glimpse of a penis still makes some people uncomfortable.

The women of “Westworld” spent much of Season 1 with their clothes off. Now it’s the men’s turn, with the Season 2 premiere featuring full-frontal male nudity in a scene starring Simon Quarterman, above, opposite a fully clothed Thandie 

You can check this out, here. 

Chris Pratt's Smoking Hot Dad Bod

I follow a photographer on Instagram named Michael Herbertson and his work is brilliant. One of the subjects on which he focuses is men. Ordinary regular men who are set in ordinary regular situations. And they're amazing photos, and people leave comments about them all the time. They aren't always perfect male models who spend most of their time working out and taking selfies. These are real men, with real bodies, and they vary all the time. I have to post about this soon.

In any event, this link is proof that people are loving Chris Pratt's body just as it is. And I'm one of them.

I wish I could share the photo here, but I don't have permission. It's worth the click.

Here's the link. 

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