Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Indian Village Drains Lake Because HIV Woman Died In It; SNL's Nimesh Patel Kicked Off Stage for Racist Homophobic Jokes; Tumblr Ban On Adult Content

Indian Village Drains Lake Because HIV Woman Died In It

The lack of knowledge about HIV still continues to amaze me. 

People in the village of Morab in Dharwad, India are draining the local lake, their only source of water, after a woman known to be HIV positive died in the lake.
According to the Times of India, the woman, whose body was found on 29 November, was found in the lake after taking her own life.
Here's the rest. It also mentions the virus can't survive outside the body, or in water. 

SNL's Nimesh Patel Kicked Off Stage For Racist Homophobic Jokes
I have no idea who Patel is. I never watched SNL because I always found it to be homophobic in a passive aggressive way. I'm not the only one. Here's a link to one article about SNL and homophobia, and if you do a search you'll find a good deal more. But no one ever talks about it, which is even more interesting. 
And now this. But this time it's racist and homophobic. 
Former Saturday Night Live comedian Nimesh Patel was booted off stage after allegedly making ‘offensive jokes’.
Here's the link. This is where I have a lot of faith in younger people. 

Tumblr Ban On Adult Content
I honestly had no idea Tumblr was this popular with people. I've been there since it began, and I share G rated photos almost daily through Instagram, but I never really focused much on it. Evidently, I'm in the minority. 
The Tumblr ban on adult content firestorm continues...
Many are concerned about about how sex workers and sex-positive content creators will be adversely affected by the policy change.

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