Sunday, December 23, 2018

Homophobic Landlady Wants Tenant To Move; Bi Porn Star Only Does Gay Scenes; Gay Schitt's Creek Trailer

Homophobic Landlady Wants Tenant To Move

Here's an example of what LGBT people are still facing today.

A gay man in Florida recorded his landlady demanding he move out of her apartment. He says she turned unwelcoming after learning about his sexuality. The relationship broke down just days after he moved in.

Here's the link. You can watch the video, too.  I hope he gets a good attorney. 

Bi Porn Star Only Does Gay Scenes

Here's one of those stories you can live without, but you still enjoy reading anyway. An openly bi porn stars gives his reasons why he prefers to do gay porn instead of straight. 

The award-winning performer said he prefers to only do gay porn scenes because it’s more professional than straight porn.

You can read this one, here. 

Gay Schitt's Creek Trailer

I love this show, and all the characters. The most recent Christmas show was excellent. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Company surprised the internet by dropping the Season 5 trailer for their acclaimed comedy Schitt’s Creek. The trailer has already gone viral, teasing what to expect in this new season of comedy mayhem.

You can watch the trailer, here. The new season begins soon. You can binge on all the  previous seasons on Netflix. 

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