Thursday, May 3, 2018

Troye Sivan and Gay Bottoming; Another Fraternity Suspended for Anti-Gay Slurs; Detectives Texted Him A Photo Of His Grindr Rapist's Dead Body

Troye Sivan and Gay Bottoming

I almost hate to post about this, but it's been trending in a lot of places this week. And, it's a good example of a great marketing gimmick. Who would pay attention otherwise? I love it. 

Troye Sivan just confirmed his new song Bloom is about bottoming in gay sex.
When the song and accompanying video dropped online last night (2 May), the Aussie pop prince tweeted: ‘Bloom is out everywhere now.’
Here's the rest. I love the song, too. You can check that out as well. 
Those of you who tend to be critical of things like this, get over yourselves. Straight entertainers do this kind of thing all the time and no one ever says a word. 

Another Fraternity Suspended For Anti-Gay Slurs

This seems to be a pattern lately. What I'd like to know is if this is something new or has it always been this way and it's just coming to the surface now? Things like this were not always frowned upon in the past, and homophobic behavior like this was usually laughed off as a harmless joke.

A 32-page document containing a list of the names of UO Phi Kappa Psi members followed by questions for each member has surfaced online. The questions contain all sorts of antigay slurs, rape jokes, anti-semitic remarks, and other hateful and derogatory language.

You can read the rest, here. 

Detectives Texted Him A Photo Of His Grindr Rapist's Dead Body

Here's another story from the world of hook up apps. This one is related to Grindr.

A man who claims he was sexually assaulted by a guy he met on Grindr says he received a photo of his attacker’s dead body a week later.

The sender: the NYPD Special Victims Division detective in charge of his case.

Here's the rest. This one gets a lot more complicated than it sounds. You'll want to read this, especially of you're on Grindr. Be safe. 

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