Friday, April 13, 2018

The Huge Blue Penis In Stockholm; Alleged Cocaine Penis and Oral Sex Death; Twitter and Tiny Penis Shaming

The Huge Blue Penis In Stockholm

Here's more from the artist who painted a penis in New York not too long ago. I posted about that one, here. 

The penis, complete with bulging veins, appeared on the side of a Stockholm apartment block on Wednesday to the shock of residents.
You can read more, here. The penis in New York only lasted a few days, but this one is supposed to be up for a couple of weeks before they paint over it so people who love penis art can go there an appreciate it. 

It's actually pretty good. Very detailed. 

Alleged Cocaine Oral Sex Death

Here's something you don't read about every day.

A woman died after her German doctor lover allegedly sprinkled cocaine on his penis before she gave him oral sex.
Plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Niederbichler, 42, was charged after the woman collapsed and died in February.
Here's the rest. According to this article, she had no idea he was giving her cocaine. 
Twitter and Tiny Penis Shaming
This is something I see all the time on Twitter.
After some guy on Twitter tweeted something that offended people, they went after him by shaming his penis.
Speculation about his penis. People said he didn’t have a penis, that his penis was tiny, that he didn’t know how to use his penis. Balls were a feature too. Small balls, shriveled balls, tiny balls.

How did we arrived at a place where the default response to a person saying something ignorant and untrue is to insult a part of their anatomy?

Here's the rest. I agree with this person. It's not something I would ever do, or have ever done. I don't like any form of looks shaming, not even when it comes to politicians. In fact, looks shaming is about as low as people can go. It's an excellent piece. 

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