Sunday, April 8, 2018

Gay Man Falsely Accused of Rape; Hot Gay Sex Scene on HBO's Here and Now; Mom Keeps Kids From Gay Dad

Gay Man Falsely Accused of Rape

This is a very scary thing.

Lucien Harris is a trans man who used to identify as Lottie Harris. Before transitioning, Harris became infatuated with Malik when they worked together at a restaurant in Essex.
When Malik, who is openly gay, turned down Harris’ advances, Harris went awol.
Here's the rest. It's one of the most bizarre stories I've read in a long time. 

Hot Gay Sex Scene on HBO's Here and Now
I've posted a few times about HBO's new series, Here and Now. I'm not in love with the characters, but oddly, the story line is interesting and I'm hoping it's leading up to something. 
And hey, speaking of slipping through cracks, HBO’s Here and Now has quietly been broadcasting some crazy hot-and-heavy gay scenes that you probably haven’t seen.
The show is intersectionality materialized, following a diverse family in the Portland, Oregon area.
Here's more. I have seen the show and I don't hate it. It's one of those subjective things and someone else might love it. 

Mom Keeps Kids From Gay Dad
Here's a story about a woman who didn't want her ex-husband to see their kids because the ex-husband is gay and she's worried he'll turn the kids gay. 
The mother’s lawyer wrote a letter to the father saying his lifestyle could make the kids turn gay. The letter said his sexuality ‘may cause the children to experiment sexually and engage in homosexual and bisexual behaviour at a later stage.’
The gay dad took the woman to court, and he won. You can read more, here

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