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The Difference Between My Gay Parody Novels and This Mean Gay Marriage Parody Bill; Blind Gay College Student; Spencer Claus Queer Hero

The Difference Between My Gay Parody Novels and This Mean Gay Marriage Parody Bill

This vicious marriage parody bill is another reason why I've sometimes, though not always, written gay romance parody novels with straight story lines or tropes. I did it without apology, because gay people have always been considered the parody, in the meanest ways, and I got sick of it. So I created my own parodies. 

Republicans in South Carolina and Wyoming are pushing new bills to segregate same-sex weddings and legally redefine them as a “parody” of marriage.
Six GOP lawmakers unveiled the ‘Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act’ bill to the South Carolina House last week. 
You can read the rest here. The difference between my parodies and this one is that I wasn't cruel about it. I didn't mock anyone's life, marriage, or hurt them. I did it with too much ridiculous sex, and humor.
A Gay Parody

Blind Gay College Student
Here's a in-depth piece about how a young blind gay man goes about his life, from dating to basic daily routines. 
Maurício Silvia is a 22-year-old gay college student living in São José, Brazil. In many ways, he’s just like any other guy his age. He enjoys hanging out with friends, watching TV, and going on dates. But there’s one thing that sets him apart from many of his peers: Maurício is blind.
Spencer Claus Queer Hero
Here's something about one of my favorite social media stars. I like people who break the proverbial molds and do things differently...and those who are brave enough to challenge what we've all been taught to believe is masculinity. That's why I wrote Kendle's Fire. I wanted to do something in my own way.  
Spencer Claus loves all things make-up. The out social media star quickly became so good at face painting that the teen artist enlisted the help of his parents for some modeling shots back in 2016.

Kendle's Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Altered Parts: Limited Edition

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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