Friday, December 22, 2017

James Ivory and "Call Me By Your Name"; Vatican's Gay Nativity Scene; Another Anti-Gay Republican and Gay Sex

James Ivory and Call Me By Your Name

Here's more about THAT movie, Call Me By Your Name. I've had my reservations and opinions about this film for various reasons. One, I don't like the way it's been promoted as a gay romance. But I'm not adding my opinion anymore. You just can't fight the Hollywood publicity machine with something like this, not even when it comes to sexual predatory behavior.

With that said, here's a piece that focused on the screen writer who is gay. Interesting.

Ivory became known for his collaborations with his Indian producing partner and sometime boyfriend, Ismail Merchant. Together the pair produced a number of high-profile and Oscar winning films throughout the 1980s and 90s, which became known as a subgenre: Merchant-Ivory films.

Here's the rest. Even the photo of the older guy rubbing the kid's shoulders creeps me out.

Vatican's Gay Nativity Scene

This is amusing.

Every year the Vatican in Rome boasts an elaborate nativity scene, but this year’s set-up has raised eyebrows among some believers.

You have to click the link here to see the image. There's actually a Catholic church here in New Hope that recently put up a statue of Jesus over the front doors. It's a huge statue, of a very erotic looking Jesus, and I'm not even sure they realize it. 

Another Anti-Gay Republican and Gay Sex

This just happens time and again.

Former GOP congressional staffer Chris Donnelly said he met Goodman on Craigslist under the prominent lawmaker’s alias Brady Murphey.
He told the two had a sexual encounter in 2008. Goodman replied to a post on a board for men seeking men, asking to be discreet.
There's more here. It sounds like another sordid tale like so many we've heard in the past. 

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