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FREE GIVEAWAY; A Gay Man Who Doesn't Like Anal Sex...He's A Gay "Side"; Maryland Firefighters Arrested For Sex Assault; Liam Payne's Half Naked Selfie, Again

A Gay Man Who Doesn't Like Anal Sex...He's A Gay "Side"

This is unusual. Mainly because I know a lot of gay men who don't like anal sex. They're just not into it. Some don't like oral sex. Yes...we talk about these things all the time, in person and not on the Internet.

I recently wrote for Gay Star News about how I identify as a side. It’s someone who either doesn’t engage in anal at all, or just isn’t bothered by it.
But, I was surprised by how controversial my sex life was to readers and the viewers on my YouTube channel.

Here's more. I never heard the term "side" before, so I learned something new with this one. But the whole point is that he received a lot of backlash for what he said. And I suppose that's because everyone on the Internet knows everything, and they aren't afraid to tell you they know everything. Sarcasm intended.

Maryland Firefighters Arrested For Sex Assault

This makes me wonder if everything that's been happening with regard to sexual assaults in Hollywood and Journalism is going to start trickling into the mainstream. It stands to reason. Sexual assaults are not limited to anything specific.

Police arrested four firefighters allegedly involved in an attempted sexual assault at Fallston Volunteer Fire Company in Fallston, Maryland. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrests on Tuesday (12 December).
According to online court records, police charged the men with various sexual assault offenses against a 17-year-old man who was a former member of the volunteer company.

Here's the rest. The allegations are detailed, and you might be shocked.

Liam Payne's Half Naked Selfie, Again

If you're still impressed by this sort of thing, you'll like it. However, I'm starting to think the selfie thing is wearing thin and a lot of these people are starting to come off as trite. But I could be wrong. We'll see. I just have this feeling that the upcoming sarcasm tweets about people who live to take too many selfies are going to be the next cheese tweets.

 And Liam Payne has done just that – by once again posting a topless selfie on social media that could pass for a Grindr photo.

You can check that out here.

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