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Straight Man Sexually Assaulted By Older Gay Man; Sam Stanley and a Man 34 Years His Senior; How Newspapers Reported Partial Decriminalization of Gay Sex In 1967

Straight Man Sexually Assaulted By Older Gay Man

This isn't something we like to hear about, but it happens sometimes.

Five years ago, Byers, who identifies as straight, stopped by a friend’s house for a visit. The friend was an older gay man who he viewed as a father figure. Up until then, 20-year-old Byers and the 60-year-old man enjoyed a plutonic friendship, and he would often turn to him for advice and guidance.

During this particular visit, however, things felt different. As soon as he arrived, the man gave Byers a glass of Bacardi 151 and sat down beside him. They got to chatting. But soon, he started inching his way closer to Byers. 

You can read all about what happened here. Some of the comments are peculiar, though.

Sam Stanley and a Man 34 Years His Senior

I'm always surprised at how so many people find these stories unusual. All of my adult life I have seen older gay men with younger gay men and their relationships have lasted for the long term. In fact, one couple we know where the age difference was about 20 years got legally married the same time we did. And, unfortunately, the younger one just passed away this Christmas after a cancer diagnosis. But they had over 30 wonderful years together and no one even paid attention to the age difference.

Queerty had a chance to chat with the May/December love birds, who currently run a luxury B&B in Sicily called Casa Piccolo Paradiso, about their relationship, the challenges of being in an intergenerational relationship, people’s response to their surprise engagement announcement, and their future wedding plans.

Here's the full interview.

How Newspapers Reported Partial Decriminalization of Gay Sex In 1967

I think this is timely, given the state our media is in these days.

In the 9 July 1967 weekend edition after the law was first voted on in the House of Commons the News of the World wrote:

‘This week we take our stand against one of the most pernicious measures ever put before Parliament, the Sexual Offences Bill to legalize homosexual acts between consenting male adults in private.’

Here's the rest.

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