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Larry Kramer's Novel "Faggots"; Sex Expert Says Ditch Grindr and Go Out Gay Cruising; Did Walt Whitman Pose For Risky Nude Photos

Larry Kramer's Novel "Faggots"

I know absolutely nothing about this novel by Larry Kramer, so this is a learning experience for me, too.

All his writing, including his screenplays, his controversial novel, Faggots, and even The Normal Heart, is at its core about the pursuit and potency of love. The poignant secret hiding in plain sight is that Larry Kramer is a romantic.

You can check that out here. It's much more involved.  The comments read more like short book reviews...some loved it some hated it, which is the best any writer can hope for.

I'm going to get a copy of Faggots and read it myself now. I don't always agree with Kramer on everything, but I have absolute respect for him and for what he's accomplished.

Sex Expert Says Ditch Grindr and Go Out Gay Cruising

There's this sex expert that seems to think cruising in public is something all gay men need to experience. One of the things he's missing is that cruising in public, as it has always been known, was only a means to an end because gay men couldn't meet each other in public like straight people. I think a lot of that is changing now, and not just because of hook up apps. I know gay people who meet in ordinary places like the supermarket now...or on the beach...and they start dating just like straight people. So that need to lurk and cruise around in dark, dangerous places where it's illegal and you can catch almost any STD is losing ground for more reasons than hook up apps.

Cottaging, cruising, visiting the tearooms, or whatever you want to call it often takes place on college campuses and in shopping malls, parks, and rest stops on the highway. You can also find guys cruising on beaches, wooded areas, on the street, and in adult bookstores.

 He believes every gay man ought to give cruising a try once in their life.

“When you’re ready to try something a little more exciting,” White writes, “put on some loose shorts or tight jeans, and head to a local cruising spot.” 

You can read the rest here. I'm not disagreeing with this sex expert. I'm just saying I think the world for gay men has changed so much for the better in the past 10 years there's no need to do anything illegal anymore. ..unless you don't have any other options. And I know some of you don't. I'm not judging that.

Did Walt Whitman Pose For Risky Nude Photos?

Last week it was Walt Whitman's birthday and I saw many tweets about it. It trended for a long time. However, I think I was the only one who actually tweeted about the fact that many claim Whitman was gay. And that he had a lover named Peter Doyle. And people on Twitter responded well to my tweets. So I found this article even more enlightening.

To mark the occasion, Whitman superfan Hugh Ryan at Broadly has been poring over what appears to be a series of seven nude black and white photographs of a man who bears a striking resemblance to the great American poet.

The photos, labeled simply “Old Man,” were taken 141 years ago by famed artist and photographer Thomas Eakins (July 25, 1844 – June 25, 1916). They depict a slender man (with just a slight ponch) with a long white beard fully naked from several different angles: full-on, in profile, and from behind. 

There's more here, with a link to the actual photos. I'm not going to speculate on this one.

Kendle's Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

Not All Gay Books Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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