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Gay Men On Brutal Treatment In Chechnya; The Anti-Gay Crackdown In Chechnya; Gay Chechens Finding Homes In Europe

Gay Men On Brutal Treatment In Chechnya

I think we all need to sink our teeth a little more into this one issue. I see too much apathy out there, or misguided priorities.

They're calling themselves Gregory and Arnie. They don't want to use their real names because they fear for their lives. Both men recently left Chechnya, where they were detained and beaten because they're gay.

"I was kidnapped and kept for 12 days in a basement," Gregory, 21, tells us through an interpreter. "I was beaten and interrogated."

Here's the rest.

The Anti-Gay Crackdown In Chechnya

Here's another story about what's going on in Chechnya with gays. This one is about a Russian journalist who exposed the story.

What were the attitudes toward homosexuality inside Chechnya before this campaign of repression?

Male homosexuality was always perceived very badly in Chechnya. Even gay men themselves considered themselves sick, damned, inferior. Very many of these men have families and children, and are trying to cope with the situation somehow. They understand that, deep down, their status is not acceptable in their society. If they were found out, families would choose to close their eyes to this fact—having a male relative who was known to be gay would be too great a shame for the family, or even the whole clan, which can run to hundreds of people. Chechen families are very sensitive to their image and how their extended clans are perceived.

There's a lot more here. Makes you wonder why more people aren't speaking up about it, including the LGBT presses that seem more focused on Caitlyn Jenner. 

Gay Chechens Finding Homes In Europe

Here's one about how Europeans are helping gays who are fleeing from Chechnya. Evidently, from what I'm reading, Europe is aware of what's going on and they're at least doing this to help. 

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday that it has admitted one man, who arrived in the country on Tuesday, on a special visa on humanitarian grounds. Three other men have met with officials at the German Embassy in Moscow, a ministry spokeswoman said, while another man’s application is being reviewed.

More here. One of the reasons why some countries aren't more vocal is that they believe it could be more harmful to the gay refugees who are fleeing. But I still have trouble understanding why so many in the US media aren't more vocal, and why they aren't making the public more aware of this.

I'm only a small not for profit blogger who links to pop culture news items, but I do know that a lot of my readers are Eastern Europeans through my blog stats, and I want them to know people are not forgetting about them. 

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