Friday, May 26, 2017

The Magical Fairytale Bromance Photos Of Trudeau and Macron; Hot Naked Male Model Demonstrates His Ball Sack Dryer; Blind Gay Guys Reveal How They Knew They Were Gay

The Magical Fairytale Bromance Photos Of Trudeau and Macron

The two leaders met for what seems to be one of the most well-planned photo ops of the year, and the bromance crowd is eating it up like candy.

We feel a bromance coming on.

39-year-old French President Emmanuel Macron and 46-year-old Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Taormina, Sicily, at the G7 summit yesterday and it was absolutely magical.

The two men, who are currently competing for the unofficial title of Sexiest World Leader, leisurely strolled through colorful Sicilian gardens whilst chatting about important world matters and looking incredibly hot. 

You can check out the photos here. I don't know anything about either of them. I just find the whole fascination with "bromance" fascinating. I also wonder if they would be objectifying two women leaders this way. Because it's okay to do it to men now.

Hot Naked Male Model Demonstrates His Ball Sack Blow Dryer

Here's something new in the tech world for guys who aren't satisfied just towel drying their nuts. It's actually some kind of device that blow dries a guy's ball sack until it's silky smooth dry.

Wonderful things they can do nowadays.

The latest episode of Conan introduces us to the latest in cutting-edge technology: The indispensable “Dyson Ballblade.” 

You can check this out here, and there's a demonstration video, too. I'm not sure about the name, though... "The Ballblade."

Blind Gay Guys Reveal How They Knew They Were Gay

I never thought about this much, and I think that's because it never occurred to me that people might assume that being gay is a visual thing. Pay attention. Being gay includes all the senses, including that 6th sense we rarely ever hear discussed.

Reddit user RedzandBluez explains, “When I was 11 or 12, I didn’t really understand the difference between boys and girls. To me, they were the same except that men turned me on and women didn’t.”
“I did not know about body parts (breasts, vagina, penis, etc.) and yet, I was attracted to my same sex. Because of my unique situation, I can tell you that being gay is not a choice.”

He adds: “When I meet someone, what I go by is their voice, their smell, their kindness, and their willingness to help me when needed.” 

You can read more about this here. I kind of feel sorry for blind gay people now. I think it's a shame this even has to be discussed, especially after reading the comments. No one ever asked a straight blind person how they knew they were far as I know.

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