Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Man Claims She Choked To Death Giving Him Oral Sex; He Made Her Listen to Loud Gay Sex; Going Shirtless Always Works

Man Claims She Choked To Death Giving Him Oral Sex

This one is really out there. I would imagine there are scientific ways to determine this one.

A Florida man charged with murder in the asphyxiation death of his 60-year-old girlfriend is mounting an unusual defense that hinges entirely on his purportedly outsized male anatomy, which he now wants entered into evidence.

Richard Henry Patterson, 65, of Margate, was arrested in November 2015 on a charge of second-degree murder for allegedly choking to death 60-year-old Francisca Marguinez - a claim he never denied.

Here's more. He claims it happened another way.

He Made Her Listen To Loud Gay Sex

This one resonated with me because I've seen things like this happen. I knew a Philadelphia Main Line attorney once who did things like this, and more. There was one New Year's Eve party at his home where I looked at Tony and said I was never going back there again. And I didn't.

“What Ms. Gagnon did not know, and could not possibly anticipate, is that the price she was asked to pay in exchange for this experience would require her to partake in the sexual predilections and illegal activity of her boss,” the lawsuit states.

It then alleges Seligman, whose clients include James Franco and Kirstin Dunst, forced Gagnon to work from his apartment one time so he could have his doctor come over and give him Botox injections. During the appointment, Seligman purportedly told the doctor, “I want your d— in my face” and “Oooooh you’re so sexy.” 

There's more here. The allegations only devolve from here. I'm not going to judge this one because good jobs are hard to get.

Going Shirtless Always Works

I'm not judging this one either. I've used plenty of shirtless models on book covers for obvious reasons. I don't always do that, but people like to objectify good looking men who aren't wearing shirts. It's become so common in our culture we don't even think twice about it anymore.

One Direction’s Liam Payne is finally poised to release some solo material, following in the footsteps of every other member of the band.

He just posted a teaser of his upcoming single/video to Instagram — and when we say teaser, we mean it’s like 3 seconds of footage (albeit shirtless). 

You can check that out here. I also think photo shop has a great deal to do with the popularity of shirtless men.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field 

A 90k Word Novel About Love Amazon

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