Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Bible Belt's Only Gay Strip Club; Brian Sims' Op-Ed On LGBT Racists

The Bible Belt's Only Gay Strip Club

After travelling the US by car to and from Palm Springs, California this month, I have to admit that I've seen gay people everywhere. They're in every state, in every town, and they're walking down every street. Gay is no longer exclusive to large cities like San Francisco or New York.

So I don't know why they make this out to be so unusual.

Welcome to Swinging Richards, a.k.a. “The only gay strip club in the heart of the The Bible Belt.” The club is located in Atlanta and is the subject of a new documentary appropriately titled All Male, All Nude.

In an interview with the Georgia Voice, director Gerald McCullouch calls the film “a unique symbiotic relationship to witness and experience night after night. There is so much common respect and appreciation.” 

Again, I don't know why this is so unique. Gay people all over the US are assimilating the same way, and not in strip joints. But you can read the rest here anyway. 

Brian Sims' Op-Ed On LGBT Racists

I'm not too familiar with Brian Sims, but he wrote an op-ed piece about racism in the gay community that's interesting.

“There is racism in the Gayborhood,” he writes. “I know this because black and brown people who live in, shop in, work in, and otherwise come to the Gayborhood like I do, have been saying so for years.”

I'm not going to disagree with him, because I'm not familiar with the "gayborhood." But he is missing one HUGE point. Not all  gay people are part of this "gayborhood" he talks about. And I find op-ed pieces like this both presumptuous and telling about how out of touch he is with gay men in general who are NOT part of the "gayborhood."

You can read this in full here. There are plenty of comments , too.

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