Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Average Penis Is Getting Bigger; Worm Snail Or Penis; Dick Pic Appreciation Forums

The Average Penis Is Getting Bigger

For those of you who claim that size doesn't matter, this might disturb you.

The 2016 study found that the average penis size here in the UK is 5.16 inches when erect. But a new survey carried out this year found very different results.
According to SKYN, the latest investigation found that the average penis size for those aged between 18-34 – the millennial generation – is apparently 6.1 inches.

You can read the rest here. Go Millennials.

Worm Snail Or Penis?

You have to read this one to believe it.

Today, science news writers got excited about a purportedly new species of “worm snail” found by Field Museum researchers. It’s a slime-shooting, finger-length thing that shows up where no one wants it to.

Guys, it’s a sea dick.

Here's more, with a photo.

Dick Pic Appreciation Forums

According to this, there are more dick pic forums online than ever before. It's actually a very interesting article that challenges much of what we've all been told about dick pics, by people who hate seeing dick pics. In other words, there are two sides to the dick pic story.

Hold on a sec, some people actually want to see dick pics?

Apparently, yes — and for those women who shlong or two on their own accord, there's a growing number of forums on Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter that are dedicated to showcasing anonymous penises.

Here's the rest. Evidently, there are women who want to see dick pics, at least according to this article. And like most things related to sex, these women are usually silenced by the morally superior.

I already know how most gay men feel about dick pics.

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