Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Re-imagining Classic Hetero Romance Scenes With Gay Couples; Barry Manilow's Gay Bathhouse Days; Madonna On "Blond Ambition" Biopic

Re-Imagining Classic Hetero Romance Scenes With Gay Couples

Here's a story about re-telling classic romance scenes from mainstream movies with gay couples instead of straight couples. I for one know it works because I've written a few full length novels with movie tie-ins and gay classic plots, which isn't something new to publishing. I've done it with plots like Pygmalion, and Cinderella. I did it with my book Dancing Dirty. And Anne Tyler's new novel, Vinegar Girl, is openly being promoted as a re-telling of a Shakespeare story.  

In any event...

That’s the gist of this short film by comedy duo A Brit and a Yank, who “became friends through social media and decided their constant back and forth bantering would provide good comedic fodder.”

Here, they take on Dirty Dancing, Romeo + Juliet, Ghost, Say Anything, and Love Actually, and the results are as ludicrous as you’d expect.

You can check this out here.  This kind of re-imagining or re-telling has been popular in publishing for years, but this is the first time I've seen it in film with gay characters.

Barry Manilow's Gay Bathhouse Days

A lot of people don't realize that Barry Mannilow once performed in one of the most famous gay bathhouses in New York...with Bette Midler. I have older gay friends who saw them in person and they're still talking about it to this day. It's just that the stories I hear from friends seem to be a little different from the way Manilow tells it. But I would rather listen to what Manilow has to say. It's his life. He should get the last word.

“Those were just for a couple of weekends,” he gays of the performances that led to Midler being booked on The Tonight Show.

“And people think we were there for years. It was two weekends.”

In 1968, The Continental Baths opened its basement doors at Ansonia Hotel, located on the Upper West Side. 

You can check this out here, with some history about the Continental Baths. The comments are interesting, too.

Madonna On "Blond Ambition" Biopic

I have to take my stand with Madonna on this one, and I'm not usually fond of everything she does. I was mortified when she offered to give blowies to Hillary Clinton voters in the last election. But she makes a good point this time, and one that we don't think about enough in our society. It's her life.

“Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.”

You can check this out here. I probably won't see this.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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