Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What This Drag Guy Does With an Egg; Straight British Comedian Thinks Gays Have It Easier? Lily Tomlin and 9 To 5

What This Drag Guy Does With an Egg

Say what you will, but this is not totally without merit. A guy putting on make up for drag uses a hard boiled egg to blend the make up.

“This kind of feels like a really cold silly sponge but it smells like sewage, like eggs, so… that’s a turn-off,” he crows, tamping foundation into his cheeks. “But it’s actually doing a pretty good job. I really like how cold this is… it’s like super refreshing, too!”

You can check that out here. It's funny, and it seems to work well. And I spent way too much time watching it for some reason I can't even explain.

Straight British Comedian Thinks Gays Have It Easier?

There's a straight British comedian who thinks gay dating is so much easier than straight dating. But it's not quite as simple (or offending) as the article suggests.

Is life “simpler” for gay people?

According to British actor, comedian, and TV personality David Williams, yes. In fact, he wishes he were gay because everything would be so. Much. Easier.

“I do love women and I’m attracted to women,” Williams said recently to Attitude in an interview, “but sometimes I think it would be simpler if I wasn’t.”  

You can read more of this here. And you really do have to read the entire piece. As most people in the comments suggest, the article is somewhat misleading.

I really hate when this happens. I only want to post and link. I'm not trying to be a journalist with this blog. It's the last thing I want to do in life. But I find that you just can't trust anything anymore, not even if you're just linking.

Side note: According to the comments they even spelled this comedian's name wrong. I never heard of him so I honestly don't know. So don't quote me on this one. I'm only linking.

Lily Tomlin and 9 to 5

I have to admit I never saw 9 to 5, and I didn't know who Lily Tomlin was until I started watching Grace and Frankie. But I love her in G&F so I thought this was relevant.

 Turns out Tomlin wanted to split only one week into production.

According to Fonda, 9 to 5‘s co-star and co-producer, it took a whole year to get Tomlin and Parton to commit to the project: 

You can finish that one here. I have to watch 9 to 5 now.

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