Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Gay Cowboy; American Crime Story and Donatella Versace; James Franco's Gay Threesome

The Gay Cowboy

During a time when most gay news these days seems to consist of Trump and Trump family bashing in the worst possible ways, or RuPaul and fringe drag stories that I can't relate to, this story is refreshing.

There's this young guy named Josh Goyne and they call him The Gay Cowboy. He lives in a remote part of Australia and deals with homophobia all the time.

“Today I was asked if I thought it was good that gays died of AIDS, and then the guy said he wished it was 1850 so he could shoot me for being a fag,” 18-year-old Goyne said in a recent video posted to his Facebook page.

“Kudos to you mate,” Goyne replied. “You’re a real prick and I hope everything that comes to you is karma.” 

This dude is not about to let anyone silence him. Here's the rest

American Crime Story and Donatella Versace

The crime story about Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan has always fascinated me because in addition to murdering Versace, Cunanan also murdered a caretaker at a New Jersey park. I come from that part of New Jersey originally and I used to jog at that same park every morning. I know it well, and I even used this park as the setting in one of my novels...A Young Widow's Promise.

Five days later, Cunanan, who took Miglin's car, found his fourth victim in Pennsville, New Jersey, at the Finn's Point National Cemetery, killing 45-year-old caretaker William Reese.[8] While the manhunt focused on Reese's truck, Cunanan "hid in plain sight" in Miami Beach, Florida, for two months between his fourth and fifth murders.[9] He even used his own name to pawn a stolen item, knowing that police routinely check pawn shop records for stolen merchandise.

So I'll be watching this one.

Murphy has chosen Penelope Cruz (Vanilla Sky, Vicki Christina Barcelona) to take on the role of the fashion designer/vice president of The Versace Group.  

You can check this out here, and there are photos of Cruz as Donatella.

James Franco's Gay Threesome

James Franco is part of a gay threesome in I Am Michael, and of course everyone's at least a little curious. Franco knows what he's doing and I'm tired of trying to figure him out. The biggest problem for me is that I usually wind up liking whatever Franco does, even if I don't always agree with the way he goes about doing it. And that can be tricky.

As I Am Michael subtly, perhaps even imperceptibly, makes its way to the wide world of VOD, we’ve stumbled upon footage from the promised (simulated) threesome between Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver, and James Franco.

How sexy is it? Well, that depends on how you define sexy.

You can check that out here. There are gifs with arms, legs, and pants flying around in so many different directions you won't know where to look first. I think Franco is on top, as he always is, on top. But don't quote me on that.

A Young Widow's Promise

For my readers who only read m/m romance. You might want to check this one out sometime. There is a m/m romance in the storyline and it's not your typical historical romance novel. It's different. Here's the blurb...

Felecia Roundtree is thirty-seven years old, she's already lost her husband in battle, and prays each morning her two young sons live to see another day. With her own two hands, she's turned the front of her property at remote Locust Point, NJ, into a burial ground for unknown Confederate prisoners of war, hoping someone will return a kind gesture to her own loved ones. Then one morning in August, just after she has a vision of her dead husband, three Confederate prisoners of war turn up at her doorstep begging for mercy. One is near death; the other two aren’t much better. Though she's reluctant at first to help the enemy, she offers them food and shelter, and then eventually begins the romance of her lifetime with a young old Confederate named Calvin. When she learns a deep dark secret about the other two Confederates, she’s not sure what to think. Felecia has no idea she's even falling in love. Nor does she realize she’s preserving an important part of American History. But she’s true to her promise every step of the way.

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