Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lesbians and Pap Smears; Andy Cohen and Online Trolls; Angela Merkel Against Gay Marriage

Lesbians and Pap Smears

I have to admit I found this interesting because up until now I didn't know what a pap smear was. How could I? It stands to reason.

In any event, this is pretty serious stuff. 

Lesbian and bisexual women are wrongly being told not to get pap smears, LGBTI charities warn.

37% of women who have sex with women are told they do not require a cervical screening test due to their sexual orientation.

This then results in half of lesbian and bisexual women never having smear tests in their lives.

There's more here. This is what a pap smear is...if you don't know...and they're very important. I lost one of my best friends last March to cervical cancer after a long, hard five year battle.

Andy Cohen and Online Trolls

I actually don't know who Andy Cohen is either. I've heard of him, but never saw him do anything. I don't watch much TV and I don't follow this kind of pop culture much anymore.

‘So ultimately I can’t get too invested in what the comments say or what the gay media says because if there can be kids watching and thinking “Oh wow, look, that guy is gay and he has this show and everything seems okay with him” then that should be the important thing.’

More here. Now I feel guilt. I should probably check him out at least once. He seems like a nice man.

Angela Merkel Against Gay Marriage

If you do a search for Angela Merkel and gay marriage, you'll find more than one article like this.  I'm posting about it because I've been seeing so much about Merkel and Trump in the news this week. And I have a feeling a lot of people don't know how she feels about legalized gay marriage in Germany.

In her first ever YouTube interview Angela Merkel has said she does not believe that gay couples should have the right to marry. "For me, personally, marriage is the coexistence between a man and a woman," she told Florian Mundt, aka LeFloid.

"I am for registered civil partnerships. I am for our not having any discrimination in tax legislation. And wherever we still find discrimination, we will continue to dismantle it," the German Chancellor pledged in her first-ever YouTube interview, according to Deutsche Welle. 

Isn't that nice of her.

There's more here. I tried to find the most recent articles about this.

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