Monday, March 27, 2017

Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal Male Nudity "Big Little Lies;" Mexico's Sexist Penis Seats On Trains; What Is Your Penis Worth?

Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal Male Nudity "Big Little Lies"

I have to admit that I started watching Big Little Lies and stopped after a few episodes. But let me explain why. I didn't like the characters and I think it could be because they were too heteronormative for me. It's a great show and it's well done, but I couldn't relate to much, and I lost interest fast. I have no interest in watching straight people cheat on each other.

However, I may have to revisit this one.

Sunday's penultimate episode of HBO's Big Little Lies was packed with plenty of drama and conversation, but it was Perry's (Alexander Skarsgård) penis that stole the show. (Apologies to Madeline, whose production of Avenue Q, an actual show, finally opened on last night's episode). If you're keeping count, yes, this is the second time Alexander has gone full frontal on the network, some four years after introducing the world to every part of his glorious body on the season six finale of True Blood. It was a beautiful moment that lasted a mere three to four seconds because Eric began to burn. And, well, you know the rest.

You can check that out here.

Mexico's Sexist Penis Seats On Trains

This is a creative way to battle sexual harassment. And to get a point across.

The Mexico City Metro has installed a 'sexist seat' - complete with a flaccid penis - on its network to highlight the repeated sexual harassment women face on trains every day.

The chair has been modified to have the appearance of a man, including a bare chest, nipples and penis.

You can check that out here.

What Is Your Penis Worth?

Here's a story about how full frontal nudity actually works in Hollywood with regard to money. Evidently, some e-mails were leaked about full frontal in Game of Thrones, and one section was of particular interest.

But that wasn't the most amazing part of this email. The amazing part was learning what an actor gets paid for wagging his penis on screen for less than a few seconds. And that’s just the first of many cash-for-schlong revelations we had this week.

I'd like to know what Skarsgard got for his penis, and if the pay varies from dick to dick.

You can check that out here.

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