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Vivica A. Fox and Naked Men: No Gays Allowed; Don't Call Stefano Gabbana Gay; Guys Together 50 Years

Vivica A. Fox and Naked Men: No Gays Allowed

This is very interesting.

A woman with whom I'm not too familiar named Vivica A. Fox is having some kind of Vegas male strip show for women only, and no gay men are allowed. It's something about Magic Mike, a new business she's starting in Vegas, and another one of those God awful staged TV reality shows.

Given the success of Magic Mike, especially among gay men, we’d say that, unlike her previous efforts, Vivica may be onto something with this new show. There’s just one teeny tiny problem: She doesn’t want any gay guys there.

And she said this:

she was asked if her show was “for gay men, too.”

“Aw, hell no,” Vivica was quick to reply. “Back all that up. No! NO!”

When asked why her dancers wouldn’t perform for gay men, Vivica replied, “Because there’s no need to. They dance for women. It’s called the ultimate girls night out for a reason.”

You can read the rest here. There are 65 comments and various opinions from gay men below the article. But I think the bottom line here is that I'm sure most straight women I know, and gay men I know, would agree that she's not important enough to worry about.

Don't Call Stefano Gabbana Gay

The world seems to be changing awfully fast. This is not something you would have heard ten or fifteen years ago. I could be wrong, but people seemed to care more about what they said in public.

The article begins with comments about fashions designers and Melania Trump. And then it gets into this:

Understandably, there’s been backlash against Gabbana’s Insta-endorsement (to be fair, there’s also considerable support), with one commenter writing, “Sad when a gay designer doesn’t care about other groups being repressed.”

Gabbana clapped back, besieging “ignorant critics.”

“Don’t call me gay please!! Im a man!!! Who I love its my private life!!! [sic]” he wrote.

There's a lot more here. The one thing that bothers me about this is that being gay is not about sex or with whom you sleep.

Guys Together 50 Years

I often take for granted the fact that I've always known older gay couples who have been together for many years. But not everyone out there knows this, and I love articles like this that educate people to certain realities they never knew existed.

Here's an article about two guys who've been together for 55 years, and they just got married.

“I knew when I met Jack, that that was who I was looking for all of my life. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

You can check that out here

It's a great video. You'll have to click to the youtube video once you're there, but it's worth itThese guys are one good example about what the fight has always been about.

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