Monday, January 16, 2017

The Danger of Gonorrhea In Sweden; Orlando Shooter's Wife Arrested; San Francisco and Gay Bathhouses

The Danger of Gonorrhea In Sweden

I'm only linking and not commenting, because I know nothing about this topic, and I hope I never do...

Once again, the number of reported gonorrhea infections in Sweden has increased, just as experts maintain that a strain could soon become incurable.

Despite various safe sex campaigns (and Swedish doctors hammering home how prevalent infections have become), statistics from Sweden’s Public Heath Agency demonstrate that by November 2016, 1,625 cases were reported — up from 1,535 the prior year.

You can read more about this here.

Orlando Shooter's Wife Arrested

The questionable wife of the despicable Orlando shooter who killed 49 innocent people at a gay club last year has been arrested. I'm linking to the NYT with this one because it seems to be the most objective.

Noor Salman, whose husband, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people and wounded dozens in an Orlando nightclub that was popular with gays, was also charged with aiding and abetting by providing material support, the officials said.

She was taken into custody by F.B.I. agents at her home outside of San Francisco, where she had been living with her young son. Prosecutors had been weighing charges against her for months in the aftermath of the attack by her husband on June 12, 2016.

I believe we'll hear more about this in days to come. You can read the entire article here

San Francisco and Gay Bathhouses

I've never been to a gay bathhouse and it's something I've always wondered about.

This article talks about the complications business owners face in San Francisco with regard to bathhouses.

Under the permit, however, they would have to comply with the minimum standards — monitors and all — that is, unless the health department revises these standards. The department just released this handy-dandy FAQ about bathhouses, sex clubs and other commercial sex venues in anticipation of a public forum. How frequent any of these questions were asked, however, is up for debate, but we’ll open this up to our own public forum.

You can read more here. The comments are fascinating, and there's a screen shot from San Francisco's Population Health Division that goes into more detail. It's interesting, especially this one...

Is there a difference between a Sex Club and a Bathhouse?

Yes. Sex Clubs operate under a business permit issued by the SF Office of Treasurer and Tax Collector. It is important forthe public to have a clear understanding that from a legal designation, the City and County does not equate the termbathhouse with a commercial sex venue. In San Francisco, there is no such thing as a permit for a sex club or commercialsex venue.

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