Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Meryl Streep, People With Disabilities, and Hollywoodfail; Vivica A. Fox Apologizes; Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert Make Out On TV

Meryl Streep, People With Disabilities, and Hollywoodfail

I think most people know what happened with Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards. That was political, but this post isn't about politics. This is about calling out people coming from places of privilege. It's also about letting others know that this issue with disabled people goes a lot deeper than what the media reports on the surface. It happens time and again, with disabled people. It happens in Hollywood with minorities, too, and I've posted about how often this happens with gay characters more times than I can count.

Someone decided to finally speak up about it, and to defend people with disabilities who never get any representation...

What’s most disheartening, Keplinger notes, is that when people with disabilities are depicted on the big screen, they tend to be played by actors who are able-bodied in real life.
“’We would never do this,’ I’m sure many were thinking. ‘We would never mock someone with a disability,’” Keplinger said. “But how many of the actors in that room have been paid millions of dollars to play someone with a physical disability? There is a difference between playing a part and mocking someone, absolutely, but can Hollywood really pat itself on the back when disabled actors are still so rarely cast ― even to play people like themselves?”
You can read more about this here. It's a long piece, but it gets right to the proverbial heart of the matter. I think I like this line the most because it can be applied to anything.

“Imagine what it would feel like to be a woman and for the only women you ever saw in films to be played by men

Vivica A. Fox Apologizes

It's only fair to post about this. Besides, you don't see too many apologies coming from anyone these days.

Fox was called out everywhere for comments she made about not wanting gay men at her male stripper shows. This was her reply...

“My intention was not to offend anyone and I’m woman enough to apologize if you felt that way,” she continued. “My show has already been taped and I was just doing something for the ladies but all are welcome to enjoy Vivica’s Black Magic Show! It’s HAWT…I’m all about LOVE not HATE dawling! Have a blessed day.”

Here's where I found this. I'm probably not going to watch her show, but I think she sounds sincere.

Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert Make Out On TV

This one seems to be getting mixed responses. From what I've read, people reacted the same way years ago whenever a white person kissed a non-white person on TV.

Apparently straight guys have figured out what straight girls have known for years: making out with someone of the same sex is a great way to get attention.

On last night’s The Late Show, Andrew Garfield — no relation to the cat — was pressed on his lip-lock with Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes. “You kind of stole focus,” Colbert said. “What was the story there?”

There's more here, with a video of the actual kissing. The comments are mixed.

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