Friday, November 18, 2016

The Shelley Duvall Dr. Phil Interview; 91 Year Old GAY Veteran Sues Air Force; "Escape" Tunnels Under Old San Fran Gay Bars

The Shelley Duvall Dr. Phil Interview

I've been reading about the controversial interview that actress Shelley Duvall did with Dr. Phil and many are calling for a boycott of his show because they believe he's exploiting her situation and mental illness. However, there are different opinions.

This is what I've found in a gay press, eloquent as usual:

Of course, not everyone believes mental illness can be cured by an opportunistic gasbag trotting out human vulnerability before an audience of millions like a cash-hungry carnival barker..." 

I haven't seen the interview so I can't comment on it. But I do wonder sometimes in a general sense why people treat mental illness as if it's not something worthy of an open public discussion. In other words, is there still a stigma surrounding mental illness that shouldn't be there? I don't think anyone would want to do anything other than support Duvall, or support other people with mental illnesses.

Dr. Drew weighed in on the topic on You Tube. He seems to believe that we shouldn't put a stigma on mental illness and we shouldn't treat it differently than any other physical illness.

You can see the video here.

It is interesting to note that the comments in the article I linked to above are mixed this time.

Some may feel that Dr. Phil is “exploiting” her but she is going to get sent to a privately run mental facility likely as opposed to a state run mental hospital. And she has been mentally ill for at least 7 yrs with no help thus far so at least Dr. Phil is actually getting her the help she needs.

91 Year Old GAY Veteran Sues Air Force

I'm having a hard time lately reading news in the usual gay presses I link to. It's reached a point where I'm looking more to the mainstream to get my gay news. And I think this article about the 91 year old gay veteran is more newsworthy than Trump bashing articles. 

 A 91-year-old man who was discharged from the Air Force nearly 70 years ago for being gay isn’t giving up his fight for equality. 

Ed Spires of Norwalk, filed suit to get his “undesirable discharge” status upgraded, and after spending three weeks in the hospital battling pneumonia, one of his last wishes is to be granted permission for a full military burial.

You can read the rest here. This is what things were like 70 (and more) years ago.

"Escape" Tunnels Under Old San Fran Gay Bars

This is something I never heard about before.

Reports of an extensive network of underground escape tunnels beneath former gay bars threaten to delay a major development project in San Francisco. But tales about the tunnel system appear to be unfounded, CBS SF Bay Area reported.

Evidently, activists are claiming this area is significant to LGBT history. They're saying that when the police used to raid the gay bars, patrons would allegedly escape through these underground tunnels to keep from getting arrested.

There's more here, with a video of a huge basement. The problem is no one can find the tunnels...yet. The activists still insist the tunnels are there. I hope there's a follow up on this one. I think that if there is any hint of historical significance about anything, it should be thoroughly explored. We ignore that too much in the US. If George Washington didn't sleep there, they knock it down.





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