Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Book Sale At Riverdale Ave. Books; Some Gay Thanksgiving Advice; What Shocks John Waters?

Thanksgiving Book Sale At Riverdale Ave. Books

If you're going to spend at least part of this long weekend holiday reading, you might find this interesting. 

If you want to avoid talking politics around the Thanksgiving dinner table, there’s no better way than to curl up with the latest book boyfriend trend – stepbrother romances. Riverdale Avenue Books, an award-wining hybrid publisher, is offering all their stepbrother romances, from stepbrother fairy tales to paranormal shape shifter stepbrothers through the Thanksgiving weekend.
They are also the highlighting the publication of their latest stepbrother title, Stepbrothers in the Attic, by Lambda-Award winning author Ryan Field (author of Valley of the Dudes), which is an homage to the 70s classic Flowers in the Attic.
You can check the list out here. I'll post more about Stepbrothers in the Attic over the next few weeks. I've already posted a few things here. It was a difficult book to write, and it wasn't easy figuring out a happy, the main theme of shame in my parody is the fact that the two dads are gay. It's not about incest. It's about the shame gay people face all the time.

Here's the cover for Stepbrothers In the Attic...links to follow soon. And, we're still working on the cover and this one is only a reveal.

Some Gay Thanksgiving Advice

I'm lucky in the sense that most of my family agrees on politics. And if we don't totally agree, no one is homophobic and we at least have that in common. This year Tony and I will be spending Thanksgiving day at Tony's sister's, locally, and we all agree. So that makes life a lot easier. However, I know a lot of people don't agree with their families, and this advice might help make the day a little easier.  

Oh boy, this Thanksgiving may be the roughest yet if you’re heading home to conservative family. If you’re anticipating fights over politics from your Republican aunts and uncles, you’re completely justified in feeling more dread and anxiety about this year’s celebration than any ever before.

But hold on. You don’t have to walk in unprepared. As luck would have it, researchers have identified four steps to having a positive, productive conversation with people whose politics are in opposition to yours.

You can check out the video here.  Good luck and just remember it's only one day out of the year :-)

It's really a weird Thanksgiving for us because this is the first year we're not hosting at our home in a very long time. We've hosted up to 50 people here on Thanksgiving some years. But that's okay, too. I don't mind taking a break in the least. It's nice to do something different.

What Shocks John Waters?

I would imagine not much shocks John Waters at this point. Not much shocks me. However, there are still a few things left that are shock-worthy. 

In any event...

There are easier things in the world than shocking the man who introduced coprophilia to the mainstream, but it’s not impossible. John Waters recently popped into The Late Show to shill his upcoming Christmas spectacular and share some of the most dangerous, baby-bruising toys of all time.

You can check this out here. 

Uncertainty - New Adult Gay Fiction

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