Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nick Jonas' Cute Snapshot; Lady Gaga To Play Donatella Versace; Loving: Marriage Equality Movie

Nick Jonas' Cute Snapshot

This is light news, but it's the weekend and everyone's so intense with politics...

Lest his fans forget his toned torso and patch of chest hair in the heat of Electionocalypse 2016, Nick Jonas has done the right thing by allowing a moment of nubile appreciation.

I really got to like Jonas more after seeing his film Goat. He was good. The movie is unexpectedly good, too. It's not the kind of movie the press portrays it to be. I posted a brief review here.

There's more here.

Lady Gaga to Play Donatella Versace

Even I have to admit this is perfect casting.

Called it!” yelled every gay dude today when news broke that Golden Globe award winning actress Stephanie Johann Angelique Germanotta would be playing noted Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace.

That long name? That's Lady G's real name.

There's more here.

Loving: Marriage Equality Movie

This is interesting because I think it shows how hard these equality issues are to fight. And even when they are won it's bittersweet victory. Because you're fighting for a right you should have had all along. You never find any politicians openly supporting them until after the fact, and unfortunately they always have to go through the process of the court system. It's a rough way to get the same rights that everyone else has, but at least it does happen if you fight hard enough. 

Loving profiles the life of a young interracial couple during the 1960s. After marriage bans in their home state of Virginia declared their union illegal and sent them into exile, the two fought back all the way to the Supreme Court. Long before court cases that knocked down same-sex marriage bans, Loving v. Virginia eliminated marriage bans for interracial couples, and paved the way for marriage equality in the nation today.

This is part of history, and so important to remember. 

You can check it out here




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