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New Release and FREE Excerpts: Stepbrothers In the Attic; Russell Tovey Likes Being Gay; RIP Florence Henderson

New Release and FREE Excerpts: Stepbrothers In the Attic

This is my newest release titled, Stepbrothers In the Attic. I've posted a few things about it below.

And this is the final cover reveal. Links to follow very soon.

If you click this link you'll find more info about Stepbrothers In the Attic, plus free excerpts from the book. It's just another link to this blog and SFW.

Russell Tovey Likes Being Gay

I think things like this inspire other gay men, especially those who are not out of the closet.

Russell Tovey has said he believes being gay is the best thing that has ever happened to him and his career.

The British star has spoken out against the idea that coming out can destroy an actor or actress.

There's more here. The more that come out the easier it gets for everyone else. There is power in numbers. 

RIP Florence Henderson

Among many things, Florence Henderson was a huge supporter of the LGBT community.

Florence Henderson, one of the most beloved television moms in history, died on Thanksgiving at the age of 82 of heart failure.

Henderson had been seen just last month at a taping of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in support of Maureen McCormick who played her daughter on the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch.

Of course Henderson was most commonly known for her role as the mom in The Brady Bunch. The father in that show was Robert Reed, who at the time was gay and in the closet.

Reed was gay but kept this fact private, fearing it would damage his career. In July 1954, Reed married fellow Northwestern student Marilyn Rosenberger.The couple had one daughter, Karen, before divorcing in 1959.

After his death, Reed's Brady Bunch co-stars – most notably Barry Williams and Henderson – publicly acknowledged Reed's sexual orientation, and admitted that most of the cast and crew of The Brady Bunch were aware, but they did not discuss it with Reed. Williams said, "Robert didn't want to go there. I don't think he talked about it with anyone. I just don't think it was a discussion – period."

According to the wiki link above, Reed died of "colon cancer complications due to HIV." 

Henderson always supported Reed, too.

Reed was gay and early in the show’s run, Henderson put her foot down with a director who tried to mistreat the actor because of his sexuality.

There's more about Florence Henderson here. Personally, I used to love to watch a talk show she did fairly recently on a cable channel. She was very good at everything she did. RIP


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